Press Release: Wexer Web Player: On demand virtual classes, anytime anywhere

Exercise is everywhere nowadays. Whether it’s streamed videos or social media influencers, fitness apps or online weight-loss programmes, activity provision is now no more than the click of a button away. And consumers are responding: the internet is now the first port of call for many of those looking for fitness programmes.

Set against this context, it can be very hard for health club operators to ‘own’ a member’s full fitness journey, from in-club to at-home to elsewhere. Yet that ownership is vitally important to maintaining their loyalty.

So how do health club operators respond?

Crucially, operators must recognise that fitness has moved beyond being a purely bricks and mortar sector – and not only for those who seek their fitness programming and advice online.

Even gym members don’t necessarily want to exercise exclusively in the health club environment. They enjoy the in-person experience and benefit from the expertise encompassed within their club… but they also want elements of that experience and expertise to be available to them outside the club.

This is where the new Wexer Web Player comes in.

This exciting new product has one simple goal in mind: to give members access to high quality, on-demand virtual classes when they can’t make it to their club. All they need is a log-in and an internet-enabled device ­– computer, tablet or mobile device.

In just a few clicks, this password-protected web portal allows members to stream their choice of workout from Wexer’s extensive library of pre-recorded virtual group exercise classes. With over 500 different classes available and more set to be added all the time – all led by the best instructors from around the globe – the Wexer Web Player is the portal to a world-class fitness experience, wherever members may be and whenever they choose to work out.

For members, it offers a seal of approval: a premium online experience that mirrors the quality and expert programming they expect from their trusted fitness provider – their health club. It also provides yet another source of workout inspiration for those training on their own in the club.

For non-members, it’s a chance to test-drive a club via a quality-guaranteed online product – a first step towards full membership.

The Wexer Web Player is a simple yet elegant solution that allows clubs to create a seamless, club-quality, 24/7 virtual class experience, from club to home and everywhere in between.

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