Product Showcase with Impact Training

Presented by: Darren Roberts from Impact Training

“The sales process for fitness has evolved as the market place as changed. It is important that the people doing your sales know your product and use your USP’s correctly to help inspire sales. I believe we now only have “One Chance” to make an appointment, “One Chance” to close, as the customer has changed. We must create an emotional experience that has your prospects wanting to belong to your Club, Studio or to you as a Personal Trainer.

The sales process for fitness needed to evolve as the old ways of selling (which used to work) have now been stream lined, as selling fitness has become more Consultative and fitness sales people must be much more informed about their products and services so they can inspire people to buy. The deal or hard closing days don’t excite prospects to make a buying decision.

Learn how our new “One Chance Selling” Program will Increase Conversion, Reduce Follow-up and Shorten Sales Presentations to have all of your staff being able to sell and Create Income.”

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