Product Showcase with MYZONE

Presented by Michael Jordan from MYZONE –

In today’s super competitive industry, clubs are finding it harder to grow their businesses.

It is harder to generate new sales from external marketing, given the clutter of marketing and competition therefore the opportunity for growth comes from within.  Your members.

If your club can excel at providing a motivating experience for your members, your members will reward you by

  • Staying Longer at the club  (Increasing retention)
  • Spending more at the club (Increasing yield)
  • Referring more family and friends to the club (Increasing sales)

Using MYZONE enhances member motivation throughout the club by:

  • Improving the on boarding process in the first 45 days of the members life by utilising goals and incentives around exercise adherence
  • Increasing the perceived value of Personal Training via the food and activity tracking app – this means that trainers can go beyond the 2 x 1 hours sessions a week, and position themselves as “coach” for the entirety of the week
  • Increasing the value and experience of Small Group Training memberships through live feeds for members and coaches to provide accurate feedback on intensity and effort throughout the session
  • Improving the level of member to member interaction through club MYZONE challenges and using the MEPs as the shared equal metric for “effort” for every member within the club
  • Increase retention by engaging the members who “yo-yo” with their usage of the club
  • Increase member referrals  by making MYZONE a “WOW” talking point within your club

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