Product Showcase with Visual Fitness Planner


Warren Webb and Alan Sacharowitz showcased The Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) which automates your existing sales, marketing, orientation and revenue management systems with the power of its visually impacting technology.

Our top take aways from the webinar were:

  • The VFP allows you to collect information about your client that builds a complete picture of their lifestyle – including exercise habits, food and health.
  • The user interface has been custom built to automatically address the most common objections to sale that Personal Trainers face when talking to new prospects – including Price & Time.
  • The VFP builds an Avatar of your client based on the information collected – plus – enables you to show them what they can look like if they stick to the workout program prescribed by their PT – VFP describes this as “Motivation through Visualisation”.
  • After collecting all information about your client and identifying specific health and fitness goals, the VFP creates an ‘Action Page’ customised to that client that can be viewed on screen and downloadable to print.

If you didn’t catch the live webinar, jump on and watch the recording now:

Contact Alan on 0404884321 to take advantage of our early adapters discount OR complete the form below and Alan can contact you:

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