Product Showcase

Your Chance To See The Latest Products To Help Your Business.

Innovation is the development of new values through solutions that meet new requirements and needs. It also occurs when current customer and market needs are met in value adding new ways.

Product Showcase gives you the opportunity to hear firsthand from suppliers why their products will give you a competitive advantage.

Innovation doesn’t just mean improvement. Innovation refers to the notion of doing something in a different way, rather than doing the same thing better.

Product Showcase is a 30 minute webinar. You will hear the features and benefits of a product that we consider a game changer in the fitness industry.

Most importantly, at the end of every Product Showcase there will be a special opportunity for you to purchase the product.

This is your opportunity to:

  • hear about an industry innovation
  • be an early adopter of the product
  • receive a bonus ‘thank you’ for giving up your time.

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