Why Menopause matters in mid-life !

Wendy Sweet from My Menopause Transformation

My fascination with the link between menopause and healthy ageing began when peri-menopause came raging along when I was 50. I realised that women in their 50's are FORGOTTEN when it comes to understanding what to do to turn around menopause symptoms, including weight gain WITHOUT resorting to expensive, short-acting supplements and HRT.

So I decided to look into it.

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I want to get the word out that MID-LIFE MATTERS to women. And in an ageing world, women
must remain healthy, relevant and energetic. We are often still working and have a lot still to get done – another 30 years of living.

With every action there is a reaction:


Issues with inflammatory and why

Reproductive hormones

Why HRT doesn’t always work.


And the effect from lifestyle


About Wendy

Registered General Nurse, Master Sport & Leisure Studies (1st Class Hons), Doctor of Philosophy Candidate 2014

Wendy is an award-winning fitness industry leader and women’s well-being coach. She is passionate about sharing her academic and practical expertise in user-friendly sessions with exercise professionals and the public alike.

Wendy has been involved with the health and fitness industry in Australasia for three decades after her nursing career.  She pioneered personal training in New Zealand in the early 1990’s and has maintained a long term commitment to the education of Trainers since that time…