If you want the best solutions for your business to get through the current challenge I cannot recommend REX Roundtables highly enough! I am biased but OMG the innovation and sharing has been top notch!

The ideas, strategies, thoughts and general conversation has been simply amazing! The way these people think blows me away! And that is the beauty of the world’s premier model for growing your business – peer to peer sharing. Real ideas!

For the last 7 weeks I have had a ring side seat, as I conduct SEVEN Zoom calls with the following Roundtable groups every week:

  1. ILR Australian Fitness Business Owners
  2. REX US Owners
  3. ILR Anytime Fitness Franchisees
  4. REX US Marketing Managers
  5. REX US Sales Managers
  6. REX US Personal Training Managers
  7. ILR NSW Fitness Business Owners

If you would like a copy of REX ideas gathered from over 3780 minutes REX meetings, email me and so long as you don’t compete with a current REX member, I’ll send you a copy. Email me now.

However, the real benefit I have witnessed has been way beyond the boundaries of business. Every member has been there personally for each other in the Zoom calls, via email and through phone callsThe personal support has been unwavering.

Every Roundtable member has gone through so many different emotions over the past 6 weeks and the Roundtable forum allows them to vent, to cry, to cheer and be human. The real benefit of being a Roundtable member I believe has not been the business ideas, it is the emotional support and love from their peers.

What I have witnessed just proves there is nothing like Roundtables on the planet and how lucky members are to be part of this unique family.

If you would like to know more joining a Roundtable, then contact:

  • Eddie for our American, Canadian and South American friends – email Eddie.
  • Fausto for our European friends – email Fausto.
  • Me for our Aussie, Kiwi and Asian friends – email JT.

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