Reinvigorated, reinspired!


The Filex Business Summit and the Women of Influence Lunch this year jump-started my passion for this wonderful industry.

Key take-homes for me were the need to keep evolving with our offerings for members, our clubs and our teams This industry never sits still and nor should we.

Emma Barry talked about popping wellness, happiness and fitness into one basket and looking to other industries for what they are doing well.

My favourite tip was that ‘thought leadership builds trust’. With a large team of 50-90 group exercise instructors I never stop working on my leadership to keep them engaged in the business and knowing they are valued and part of something bigger, and most importantly that they are contributing massively to enhancing the quality of our member’s lives.


  • Never stop learning – aim to have different and new experiences constantly.
  • Health is the new wealth. We are in the industry at a great time.
  • Connect with people in meaningful ways. Be present.