Remembering People’s Names

remembering peoples names

A normal introduction goes something like this: “Hi, my name is Justin Tamsett,” returned with, “Nice to meet you. I’m Peter Matthews.”

There’s nothing difficult about the names Justin and Peter, but the problem is that, while Peter is speaking and giving me his name, I am thinking about what I am going to say next. Peter’s name is not set to my memory, and I now have no idea of who I just met.

Forgetting names can be frustrating and embarrassing. It can end up costing you a sale or a member.

Referrals, clients, prospects, and people, in general, all want to feel significant. When you take the extra care to notice and remember a person, calling him or her by name, you are showing that they matter to you.

Each video includes:

  • A tip
  • Homework to practice both the current week’s tips and previous week’s.

Duration: 6 x 4 to 5 minute videos

Cost: $50

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