Roberto Carvalho Shares Why Fitness Australia AusREPs Should Vote For Him

Why should you vote for Roberto Carvalho as a AusREP Member for Fitness Australia?

I have been fortunate enough to have had a sporting career as well as career in the boardroom. I have spent time defining problems, whether it was a football problem, a financial product problem or just a plain old “its my fault” problem.

Defining problems sounds easy in a world where so many exist. Especially in Africa where I was born and raised. However, defining a problem holistically, truthfully and objectively requires skill and courage. As the diagnosis of a problem may be so specific to a field or to a situation, skill is developed through research and trial and error. Courage is most definitely required, as the findings and corrective courses of action may not please the people closest to you. Understanding problems and the underlying root causes may provide a pathway to success, may provide a medium for solid negotiation and may even bridge the divide amongst polar opposite views.

ACCC chairman Rodney Sims, recently mentioned that companies in Australia don’t love their customers enough or utilize technology efficiently enough. I arrived in Australia in 2018 and from what I have seen, I couldn’t agree more. Walking into an Apple Store and experiencing the customer journey can hardly be compared with any local business. The reason? Placing customers first, as the top priority, their experience, their journey, their influence, is so critical to success today that if you’re not authentic in your interactions, your business may be on the wrong path. Very often there is neglect on the part of a business regarding their staff, the very people that interact with those customers. The influence of staff on customer is paramount to the overall business success. Which other IT brand can you name with a brick and mortar store with actual people attending to you? Its old school meets new school. And sure, the Apple business model’s success may not last forever, but right now it’s doing well.

The lessons are out there, and I aim to take on the challenges set out by members seriously, and without prejudice. To take on the role as a member representative I aim to provide open lines of communication, understanding and empathy. Working together, sharing knowledge, and talking openly and honestly will not only provide a breath of fresh air, but will ensure that the organisation we belong to is an organisation that embodies a family, a pillar of strength and mostly a source of life to our businesses and our ongoing professionalism as fitness professionals.

Voting is open to Fitness Australia’s AusREP Members and Business Members between 1st and 18th November 2019. Members are encouraged to cast their vote using the link in an email that they receive from TrueVote.

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the ballot procedures contact Liz Richardson at Fitness Australia on 1300 211 311 or email