Press Release: SCW Fitness Education MANIA® Conventions Partner with Club Industry to Help you Build your Business and Career

SCW Fitness Education has partnered with Club Industry to run an exclusive Club Industry Business Summit at MANIA® Fitness Education Conventions around the USA in beautiful hotels to help you build your business and career! The partnership means that over 40 business seminars with over 20 top fitness industry leaders will now run tandem at the MANIA® Conventions to grow the event to 350+ seminars.

Together, the SCW MANIA® Conferences and Club Industry will inspire fitness industry owners, managers and directors reaching deep into commercial multipurpose clubs, boutique studios, YMCAs, JCCs, parks & rec facilities, universities, hospital wellness centers and club management companies to educate.

As it has done for more than 30 years, Club Industry will continue to hold its annual Club Industry Show, Oct 9-11, 2019, at the Hilton Chicago. At the 2019 MANIA® Conventions in New York City, San Francisco, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and Boston, both experienced and novice owners, directors and managers now can take advantage of three days of business sessions focused on marketing, technology, trends, sales, products, programming, finance and leadership.

MANIA® is currently the world leader of Fitness Education Conferences providing nine events nationally touching 8,500 in physical attendance, reaching 80K via email and connecting over 200K in social media. By expanding to include a full business track, MANIA® is enhancing the well-attended PT, Group Ex, HIIT, Function, Aging, Aqua, Dance Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Cycle, Rowing, Nutrition and Ex Phys programs. The 250+ sessions offered at every MANIA will now expand to almost 300 offering a variety of 20 sessions every hour.

SCW also brings 30+ respected and recognized certifications to fitness instructors nationwide authored and presented by acknowledged icons in the fitness industry. Every SCW Certification is offered online and provides a free, complimentary companion live certification course to every SCW Certified professional. SCW cherishes its online fitness leaders by supplying them with this much-valued and needed free companion LIVE course. After all, our fitness industry requires education that demands physical, active training to better serve our health and wellness communities.

SCW is honored to be partnering with Club Industry for this powerful union that allows owners, managers and directors who can’t travel to the Club Industry Show to enjoy the full rainbow of fitness offerings in seven beautiful locations. MANIAs live in exclusive hotel chains—Grand Hyatts, Westins, Lowes and Fairmonts—all of which are non-union, allowing exhibitors the freedom and savings of exhibiting without exorbitant drayage fees. For information on exhibiting or sponsoring the MANIA® conventions, please visit or email directly  To become a presenter please apply directly at or email

This respected union of SCW Fitness Education MANIA® Conferences and Club Industry is truly an exciting and long-needed ONE-STOP-SHOP for our Fitness Community!


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