You Want To Work With Me? Awesome! Now Let’s Work Out How!

I know there are now hundreds if not thousands of business coaches you can work with, so thanks for checking out how we can work together.

I have multiple ways from one of sessions to long term projects to accountability sessions. Through technology, I can work with you no matter where in the world you are.

And if you’re interested or if you think this is important to you:

30+ years of business. One major difference between all business coaches is the duration they have been coaching, who have they been coaching and what they are coaching. I have been business coaching PT businesses, franchises, independent gyms and studios since 2008. To be doing this for over a decade may mean I’m good at it but I would rather say it is the fact I look outside the fitness industry to make inside the fitness industry better at what we do!

No false or misleading promises from me. We will work together to develop strategies for business growth and that may mean using a digital marketing expert, an HR expert, an accountant or someone else whom I can recommend to help you. I work on strategy with you.

You don't like it, so stop. Yes I have programs that are 3 or 12 months but if you’re not getting results or benefits, than stop coaching with me.

Consistency. To get the results you want we need to maintain consistent monthly check-ins and to make it easy for you, we aim for the same day and time each month. It’s like your monthly check up!

Balance. I understand first-hand the importance of balance in your life, so while we will focus on your business strategy I’m here to help, support and guide you personally whenever needed in our sessions.

Here is how we can work together:

Zoom Calls

45 min call with you/your team

Traction Program

1 call a month for 12 months

1:1 Business Impact Program

Four 90 minute calls/visits over 12 months

Team Training

Packages to work with you and your team.

1:1 Tipping Point Program

Face to face and call program for Sydney & Melbourne owners

Booster Calls

1 call a month for 3 months

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Coach JT

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JT has a refreshing, realistic, experienced and downright honest coaching style. He is quick to the chase on what needs to be done to grow your business and gives a 110%. I am so happy I found JT, it’s been a relief to have a good clear perspective and we are seeing the benefits.

- Linda, Owner of Alta Fitness, Australia -