What Separates ‘Good’ from ‘Great’ Is Action

Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards a great business – you clicked a button!

That was the easiest bit – let’s face it you just clicked on a box! The much harder bit was making the decision to start with a business coach. To Google it, to ask friends or search out JT – that was the hard bit! Kudos to you for doing so.

Let’s get you started on a package and powering toward your goals.

You can select from one of the most popular 2 packages – you select what you need and what you want! And if the main 2 programs don’t suit you, then email JT what you want and he will tailor a program for you – personalised coaching program for you!Every 30 minutes sign icon. Full rotation arrow.

When you get started, you will receive a breakdown of how to get the most from your coaching sessions. JT shares a formula of how much time you will need to gain maximum benefit as your business coaching is more than just the 30 minutes with JT. It is about implementing your ideas and we want that for you. So we need a plan and time to ensure it gets done.

Don’t panic! JT will work with you initially to set up a time management plan for success. Remember, you now have JT in your corner! You are not fighting the fight alone! He is there to help you.

Finally, professional sports people have coaches. Many people have personal trainers. And many of the most successful business people in the world use a business coach. Asking for help is perfectly normal, acceptable and appropriate to grow and strengthen your business.

Well done on asking, now lets get you started.

To work with JT follow these 2 steps – the second one is the easiest!

Step 1 – Select a package:

  • Business Booster Pack: 6 fortnightly or bi-weekly 30 minutes sessions at $A295 each session.

or request an invoice

  • Creating Change & Traction Program: Monthly 30 minute sessions for a minimum of 12 months at $A245 each session.

or request an invoice

Step 2 – Have your first session


Which Business Coaching Package Will You Invest In?

Business Booster Pack