Marketing plan design

You may not have a distinct strategy around your annual marketing which is where we can help you. You work with us to develop your brand message; create a powerful synergy between sales and retention; and link your on-line and offline marketing mediums all in your 12 month program.

There are two options:

Option 1

Create a concept

This package includes

  • Following a brief given by you
  • Concept
  • Headline
  • Basic copy
  • Suggestions for images
  • Offer suggestion
  • Call to action
  • Lay out direction for printed material – maximum of 3 revisions

Your Investment: 900 (plus GST)

Option 2

Create a strategy & a marketing plan

This face to face 2 day workshop for as many people from your company includes:

  • Examining your current environment
  • Characterising your target market
  • Drilling down specific markets and identifying their pain points
  • Clarification around your brand, positioning, marketing message and development of a product message the meet the specific market’s pain points
  • Future marketing tactics and budget
  • List of offers to be used for each market
  • Design a 12 month marketing plan for the 2 month campaign and one that integrates:
    • Off line marketing
    • On-line marketing
  • Retention strategies
  • One 30 minute Skype call a month to discuss the monthly marketing plan

Your Investment: 6000 (plus GST and any related travel costs)

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