Allison Flatley, Dr. Ted Vickey, and Bonnie Patrick-Mattalian collaborate to create and release the 2021 Club Management System Survey.  The survey looks at the purchasing decisions of those within the fitness industry regarding a club management system.

The health and fitness industry has profoundly been affected by the pandemic.  Allison Flatley, Dr. Ted Vickey, and Bonnie Patrick-Mattalian use their experience as operators, business leaders, and industry veterans to measure and understand those within the fitness industry’s purchasing decisions.

The survey is part one of the academic study.  Part two will include roundtables.  All respondents have the option of receiving the survey results.

All operators, owners and front-line users of management software and systems can complete the survey at​.

Allison Flatley explains, “Data and software performance is more critical to fitness center operations than ever.  While a vendor sponsors this study, we hope to receive data from every segment of the industry, sharing and learning together.” Dr. Ted Vickey of FitWell concurs, “Utilizing an objective third party such as the team we have assembled will ensure an unbiased and transparent outcome.”

The survey will remain active through March 31, 2021.