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#JTInTheRaw Show 80 | Leadership Is Staying Calm & In Control

Do you realise every day hundreds of eyes are watching you and watching how you respond to adversity?  Those eyes are learning from you.  To be a leader we need to stay calm in trying circumstances.  

We need to be an example of the behaviour we want from our team.  Today, we’re going to talk about leading by behaviour. 

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#JTInTheRaw Show 79 | 3 Steps To Do More Each Day With Less Effort

#JTInTheRaw show 79 … shout outs return this week; 3 steps to do more each day with less effort; and the BIG announcement of how I am going to help regular Raw listeners #thinkanddodifferent every 3 week’s this year! Join the conversation & fun in the comments whether watching live or on replay! #TuneIn

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