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Who Is MXM Metrics?

MXM Metrics

MXM/Medallia are the world’s leading experts on Operational Customer Experience Management for the fitness industry and the ONLY OCEM company that solely focuses on member experience & employee experience.

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Who Is Loud Rumor?

Loud Rumor

Chantal Brodrick, Host of the Fitness Business Podcast chats with Mike Arce, CEO at Loud Rumor about who they are, what they do and their new Virtual Training program for Fitness Businesses.

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Talking Trends with Chris Stevenson Part 2 | Managing Teams

Fitness Business Podcast is excited to introduce to you a brand new show called Talking Trends hosted by Chantal Brodrick. Every single month Chantal will be joined by a fitness industry leader who will be sharing their thoughts on fitness industry trends and their predictions in six key areas of the fitness industry. Marketing Sales…

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