Technology Is More Than Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels

Most fitness business owners define technology as social media, the ads on there and the ‘funnels’ to get people in to and then nurture until they join.

And this is a narrow definition of technology.

Have you considered the customer journey and your communication strategy once they have joined? Do you know what that should look like? And even include? Do you know how to deliver that strategy and what technology can do to help you?

Have you considered how much time you could save with an uber efficient accounting system?

Have you considered what the current state of online searching is for your business? With the advent of voice searches, how are you harnessing this resource for people to find you ahead of your competition?

These questions and more will be answered at The Fitness Industry Technology Summit in Sydney on July 25th & 26th. With limited seating and no session being recorded you cannot afford not to attend! Get yourself along and use our exclusive code ‘active’ to save $100.

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