The Full Benefits of LinkedIn

Many have asked me, why would I do LinkedIn?

My explanation is simple: this is the professional’s version of Facebook. You can connect with key people that will help you progress your career.

Here are some tips to ensure your profile is sharp!

  • Use keywords. People search LinkedIn the same way they do Google.
  • Give it some personality. Your LinkedIn profile should have personality. Add a photo for face recognition.
  • Don’t waste valuable real estate. In your professional headline section, don’t just put your position title, for example, ‘marketing manager’. A professional headline needs to be descriptive, persuasive and keyword-rich.
  • Your summary. This is where you tell your story. It can be up to 2000 characters long and include keywords. The longer it is, the better for keyword optimisation.
  • Get some recommendations. These are great for building credibility and giving potential clients or employers a glimpse of strengths and capabilities. Asking connections for a recommendation is encouraged.