The Value Proposition is where Sarah Pellegrino chats with an industry supplier to find out the value they bring to their customers and the industry.  You will not only hear about the features of the product or service – which you can read on their websites or brochures – you will hear about the deep value and return of investment for you!

With its 30-year history, HydroMassage may be more impactful today than ever before! The latest HydroMassage model, the Lounge – offers a VIP, luxury experience to your facility. Learn how to implement the lounge into your facility – where to place it, how to sell it, how to educate your members about it! By listening to The Value Proposition for Promoting Recovery in Your Health Clubs you will hear the science behind HydroMassage – ever wonder what it does and why it works? The team explains their customer service process and how the upkeep and maintenance on a HydroMassage product is incredibly low. You’ll hear from club owners and operators about how they use the lounges in their facilities, where they place them for optimum usage and how they designed relaxing spaces!

Most importantly, you’ll learn about the two R’s: Recovery & Revenue. You’ll learn the recovery benefits to HydroMassage – do you use this before or after a workout? Our recovery expert takes us through the science of why it helps with recovery and how it makes members happy. She’ll walk us through creative ways that club owners market their HydroMassages and give you creative ideas you can easily implement. Do you run 24 hour clubs? We’ll walk through access control recommendations for HydroMassage too. The guests will explain how they bundle HydroMassage into their membership options and share how much extra revenue can truly be added to your monthly draft. They’ll tell you what pushed them over the edge and ‘made them buy’ and why you need to call HydroMassage today!


  • Dan Kennedy, VP of Sales, HydroMassage
  • Allison Flatley, Recovery Expert
  • Annie Ostolasa, VP of Operations, Axiom Fitness (Boise, Idaho)
  • Don Murphy, Co-Owner of Gold’s Gym Newburgh and Middletown, NY
  • Spencer McDaniel, VP of ATC Fitness, Memphis, TN

What You’ll Learn

  • The history, science, and current models of HydroMassage available
  • How to successfully implement HydroMassage into your facility to make more revenue
  • The recovery benefits and ways you can teach your members why HydroMassage works as a recovery method

Episode Timeline

  • 00:00 – Introductions and Welcome
  • 1:30 – 3 Real Minutes with Dan Kennedy
  • 5:00 – HydroMassage Model Overview (Dan Kennedy)
  • 6:30  – Science of Water as a Massage Method (Dan Kennedy)
  • 8:25 – What’s the Up Keep? (Dan Kennedy)
  • 8:55 – Tell Me About Customer Service (Dan Kennedy)
  • 11:35 – Massage & Recovery in the Fitness Industry (Allison Flatley)
  • 13:38 – How Does HydroMassage Help Members Recover Better? (Allison Flatley)
  • 14:33 – When To Use HydroMassage (Allison Flatley)
  • 16:24 – A Word on Stress Reduction (Allison Flatley)
  • 17:44 – Creative Marketing Ideas (Allison Flatley)
  • 20:06 – Club Owner/Operator Panel Begins
  • 20:17 – Don Murphy Starts Us Off – Background on Gold’s Gym Middletown
  • 24:26 – Club Design & Setup (Don Murphy)
  • 26:10 – Age Groups & HydroMassage (Don Murphy)
  • 27:50 – HydroMassage Setup in Our New Normal (Don Murphy)
  • 30:30 – Annie Tells Us About Axiom Fitness
  • 31:07 – Axiom’s Experience with HydroMassage as a Partner (Annie Ostolasa)
  • 32:07 – How Annie Upgraded Membership Options with HydroMassage
  • 33:30 – The Onboarding Experience (Annie Ostolasa)
  • 34:27 – A Word on Design (Annie Ostolasa)
  • 36:09 – Marketing Campaigns (Annie Ostolasa)
  • 36:52 – Spencer Introduces ATC Fitness
  • 37:47 – Premium Memberships that Include HydroMassage (Spencer McDaniel)
  • 39:57 – ATC and HydroMassage Design (Spencer McDaniel)
  • 41:13 – What Pushed Spencer to Buy (Spencer McDaniel)
  • 42:45 – ATC Website Example (Spencer McDaniel)
  • 43:20 – What Do the Members Think? (Spencer McDaniel)
  • 44:12 – 24-Hour Club? Let’s Chat About Access Control (Spencer McDaniel & Dan Kennedy)
  • 47:00 – A Word on Customer Service (Spencer McDaniel)
  • 47:55 – All Guests Give One Reason to Call HydroMassage Today!

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

ATC Video
Gold’s Gym Video

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