Tip #9 Cut The Jargon In Your Facebook Posts

The content in your post is the marketing of the post.

The first sentence is the headline and will either attract further reading or have people move on quickly, leading to sending your Facebook page further down the priority in your fan’s newsfeed.

Your first sentence in your post must answer the challenges (ie solve the pain) of your fans.

The number 1 turn off is using complex, technical language or jargon that only fitness professionals use!  The people reading your posts are normal people, so use the language they use, for example abs compared to tummy; heart rate training zone compared to make your heart beat faster; and so on.

When people understand what you are saying without thinking or having to decipher it, they will engage.


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Justin is the Managing Director of Active Management, which he began January 2004. He offers coaching to businesses worldwide in everything from start up and design to marketing and sales systems. Justin also facilitates four Australian and New Zealand ‘fitness industry roundtables’ events, which allows him to see a huge cross section of business models.

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