Last week I delivered the opening keynote at The Inspire Summit in Beirut Lebanon. I was humbled to be asked and had one goal: lead the delegates to action. 

Many keynotes inspire, motivate and entertain. They are memorable for these reasons but they may not lead to actions. I wanted to leave a legacy with the delegates to have them achieve more. 

I shared “7 Stuffs You Can Do To Do More!”  Let me explain why I used the word stuff: 

  • It’s not a terribly technical word but encompasses so much.  
  • It’s not a really inspiring word yet we use it every day.   
  • And it’s not a word that the world’s best orators would ever use and yet it spoke directly to the people in the room! 

I wore jeans and a t-shirt (with RAW on it) so the group saw me as no-one special. I wanted them to see me as just another human – an authentic and real person who had been through challenges similar to them and someone who continues to work on these stuffs to get better. 

I asked everyone to perform a self-audit on how consistent they were on doing each of the 7 stuffs.  As you read this blog, you could do the same – rate yourself out of 10 on your consistency on these stuffs. 

Here they are for you: 

  1. Get your shit together about your mornings and how you start your day!
  2. Avoid distractions to have an impactful presence.
  3. Make every meeting outcome based.
  4. Take control of your own personal & professional development.
  5. Give back to your community with mind, muscle or money.
  6. Do the full goal setting process in all aspects of your life.
  7. Ensure you have discipline to persist. You may need to try, try again and even try again to transform your ideas into actions.

I suggested to them that their ideas will spark change. Actions will make change. 

Ideas don’t change the world. Actions change the world. 

I finished with “Use this stuff and make a difference in your family, in your team, with your customers and in the world.” 

I received amazing feedback, including this from a well-respected industry colleague, Jonathon Ross “Get stuffs JT. 

A massive thank you to Patrick & the team from Inspire Fitness Academy for inviting me to speak and assist the Lebanese fitness industry to #thinkanddodifferent.  In addition to the keynote, I presented 5 sessions and sat on a panel to discuss the future for the fitness industry in Lebanon. #InspireSummit2019.