Using Influencers In The Fitness Industry For Business Benefit From Sam Mutimer

Sam Mutimer

Sam Mutimer is an expert in personal brand, social media and combining both to influence people to make purchases. She holds the record for the fastest 1000 downloads on the Fitness Business Podcast. This week she spoke at the Fitness Industry Technology Summit via video.

Sam covered:

  • Why use influencers?
  • What are influencers?
  • How do you use influencers in your marketing?
  • How to find, engage and leverage social media influencers.

And don’t worry, you have NOT missed out.

No matter when you register for Fitness Industry Technology Summit you are sent Bryan O’Rourke’s video and Sam’s video to watch in your own time. And the only way you can see both these videos is attending the Fitness Industry Technology Summit.

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