Want 10 Experts To Put Your Business Under The Microscope?

One Reason To Join The Industry Leaders Roundtable in 2020: we visit members business both in person and via their P & L’s.

We call it the “hot seat” and can have the most profound impact on your business in a 12 month period.  When we visit a business we are given a brief from the owner and this can include improvements to the physical facility; mystery shopping the business; visiting competitors; and having staff present plans to the Roundtable.

When Roundtable comes to visit everyone benefits!

The various Australian and New Zealand Industry Leaders Roundtable are taking applications now:

  • Australian Club Owners Roundtable
  • NSW Personal Trainers Roundtable
  • New Zealand Fitness Business Roundtable

Apply now or find out more by emailing JT.

If you’re based in the US, then REX Roundtables is available for you to join.  Contact Eddie Tock here.

If you’re based in Europe, then REX Roundtables is available for you to join. Contact Fausto di Guilio here.