What’s been tougher for you . . .

What’s been tougher from March 23rd until now: 

  1. Business in general? 
  2. Finding someone who understands your situation? 
  3. Loneliness as an owner? 
  4. Staying focussed when curveballs are coming daily? 
  5. Coming out of the blocks with focus, energy and clarity this month? 

These are the top FIVE challenges I have heard in the weekly Zoom calls with my Roundtable members since March.  Having a trusted group of peers have made the past 90 days a little more bearable for these lucky business owners.

However, these independent business owners were not just “lucky.”  They had chosen to be part of the longest operating Roundtable program.  They have worked hard and most importantly worked with direction, strategy and knowledge of industry data and trends to ensure their first move is the best for the business and them personally. 

As Rick Upton, Owner of Loggerhead Fitness said about his weekly Zoom Roundtable meetings

“It is nice to talk with other business owners that speak my business language.”

You can now join one of the Roundtables that I run in Australia or the US – in fact over the past 14 weeks we have formed 2 brand new REX Roundtables in the US that are almost full – that’s over 32 business owners who wanted support and knowledge during the most trying time in the history of business. 

As Jeff Sanders said,

“If I had to choose between my REX Roundtable and a marketing budget, I would choose REX every time.  The ROI I have seen since joining makes this the best decision I’ve ever made.” 

And Jeff joined REX Roundtables in the first few weeks of shutdown. 

The experts say that as we reopen we need to adjust to the ‘new’ normal.  Your ‘new’ normal must include being part of a Roundtable because as Matt Fletcher, owner of GOPT says,

“We work together to move our businesses forward. We work together to be better leaders.” 

 Make REX Roundtables in Australia or the US part of your ‘new’ normal, drop me a note now and we can have a chat.

Please note: For fitness business owners in NSW, Australia you can join the NSW Roundtable for lunch on July 3rd.  This is our first face to face catch-up post-COVID and pre-empts our full day Roundtable meetings on September 11th and November 27thEmail me to see if you qualify for an invite to lunch. 

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