Shout Outs From Last Week

  1. Thanks to Corrine, Steve, Emily and Lindsay for our chat about REX Roundtables I am running in the US this year. It was great to start getting to know you and thanks for sharing your Roundtable experiences.
  2. Thanks to Charles Voth from MindBody Online for taking the time to give me a great overview of MBO!
  3. Great to have Mauro and Jared commit to joining the Club Owners Roundtable in Australia and thanks Pam for being so honest when we chatted. Thank you to Dave and Sean from the PT Roundtable for being amazing members for the past 5 years.
  4. Great to chat with Ryan and Steve about working with you guys in 2020! Super excited that Steve you are coming on board as our newest Mystery Shopper client!  Check out Mystery Shopping in Australia here.
  5. And a massive thanks to Chantal & Constantine from 20Perfit for the opportunity to work with their brand new licensees as we discussed local area marketing, becoming more likable, and taking the sales out of the sales process!

Get Your Geek Hat On!

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A Freebie

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Active Management Community

We had 33 new members join last week from all over the world!

This week:

  • Our book club where members share the book, podcast or video they recommend and why.
  • Questions on the best referral program.
  • Free resource of collateral of previous referral marketing campaigns.

And most importantly we launched our first Expert of The Month! This month we have an industry expert on social media, Marisa Hoff from Stevenson Consulting sharing tips to boost engagement on your platforms and answering your questions!  You ask and she will answer you! Marisa is on all month!

Our community is for people just like you helping, sharing and growing so we can together lower the health care costs across the globe!  Join the community here.

An AM Announcement

In 2020 I am running a fitness studio/group training roundtable.  So if you’re in NSW and own a group training business – indoors or outdoors – lets chat about get you into this amazing Roundtable!  To chat with me about Roundtable, make a time that suits you by clicking here.

The various Australian and New Zealand Industry Leaders Roundtable are taking applications now:

  • Australian Club Owners Roundtable
  • NSW Personal Trainers Roundtable
  • New Zealand Fitness Business Roundtable

Message me now or drop me an email: to find out more.

If you’re based in the US, then REX Roundtables is available for you to join.

Contact Eddie Tock – Europeans contact Fausto di Guilio –

To chat with me about Roundtable, make a time that suits you by clicking here.

Final Thought

When you get an online enquiry where the prospect submits their phone number, then automate a text message to go back to them immediately that says, “Thanks for your message.  We’ll be in touch very soon!  Save this number as we’ll be calling from this number.”

Then make sure you call from that number as soon as you can.

Plus also ensure your thank you page after submitting details is:

  • Engaging
  • Adds more value
  • Provides an incentive to have them speed up their own enquiry with a call to action of calling you immediately that is unique, powerful and non-discounting!

#ThinkAndDoDifferent with Active Management in 2020.