Shout Outs From Last Week

  1. To every Australian gym that is fundraising for fellow Aussies who are suffering owing to the immense bush fires. I have seen some incredible ideas but I’d ask you to share in the comments below what you are doing as you may just give another owner or PT an idea to raise a few bucks for the Aussies, the animals or the firemen.
  2. Rick Caro for his ongoing guidance, support and help with the Fitness Industry Tech Summit on the 26th & 27th August.
  3. Chris Stevenson from Stevenson Consulting for his support in trying to get me some speaking gigs.
  4. To the entire International Precor Team for their support of the Fitness Business Podcast.

Tell Us

We are looking for content from members of the #FBPFamily and want to hear your top 3 shows from 2019!  Tell us by going to this link Please tell us by going here

Active Management Community

Last weeks questions on software, comments on retention and I shared photos of an amazing facility in New York City called Con Body.  The owner Coss Marte is an ex-prisoner who designed the facility and workouts based on his time in prison.  He was interviewed on The Fitness Business Podcastlisten here to his inspirational story.  But join the Active Management Community to see the photos.

We are also taking expressions of interest in a regional and International Work Exchange Program.

Every week there are resources and assets to help you lead your business.  There are no sales pitches.  People just like you helping, sharing and growing so we can together lower the health care costs across the globe!  Join the community here.

The AM Pitch

Many of you are planning your 2020 and then who are you running your plan by?  Perhaps there is an integral part of your plan that you are missing.  In fact, I can almost guarantee one component that will be that critical link to everything else you are planning!

Why not book an Energiser Call with me and go through your plan with an independent person.  Just by speaking through your plan will clarify for you and together we’ll refine your 2020 plan.

Click here to grab an Energiser Call with me – doesn’t matter where in the world you are or your business size, your 2020 plan will benefit from our chat.

Final Thought

As we enter the sweet spot of the year for new members across the globe, your prospect’s don’t need to see discounts and in honesty they don’t even want to see the value.  They want to see the proven value.

They want to see and I do mean literally ‘see’ people like them joining, training and getting results.  You cannot underestimate the power of visual impact!  Get sharing photos and stories of people who love you for what you do not what you charge.

#ThinkAndDoDifferent with Active Management in 2020.