Shout Outs From Last Week

  1. Thanks to Matt, Nick and Sean for a terrific Roundtable meeting last week. I loved our discussion on hitting 2020 business and personal goals.
  2. Thanks to Paul for the opportunity to work with his team! We discussed . . . I cannot tell you what we focussed on but I can tell you that Paul’s team will #makehealthyhappen.
  3. Putting through my second order with FIT Nutrition. If you’re an Aussie fitness business and want to build a secondary income stream by selling sup’s to your members, you have to chat with Kent or Matt! They have a ripper program that is risk free for you! If you want to know more, drop me an email.

Are You Coming: Fitness Business Podcast Meetup

If you are at IHRSA this year, then a must attend activity is the Fitness Business Podcast Meet up on Thursday 19th March! It’s free, fun and an opportunity to connect with people all over the world.   Click here to RSVP.

Sharpen Your Sales Sword In February

We have a brand new Team Member, Lisa who will work exclusively with Victorian businesses to launch their own Mystery Shopper program! Contact her this week and you can have an Express Mystery Shopper program rolled out by the end of the month for under 550 bucks!

Or Victorian business owners & managers email Lisa now for a more in depth program.

Active Management Community

We had 44 new members join last week from all over the world – including Spain, Venezuela, and Croatia!

This week:

  • Marisa Hoff continued to ask questions and share some amazing resources – including an app to tailor the font in your Insta & Facebook posts. Check it out here:
  • An amazing discussion on what software is on the market and which is the easiest to use.
  • List of apps for safety and cleaning checks for compliance and insurance purposes.
  • And a massive list of Valentines Days promotions internally & externally.

Our Facebook community is for people just like you helping, sharing and growing so we can together lower the health care costs across the globe!  Join the community here.

Save Money This Week

Grab your Fitness Industry Technology Summit Early Bird Registration this week and save!  Register now and save $100! Click here to register.

Final Thought

If you want to hit your business goals for the month, quarter or year then you must do two critical things:

  1. You must write your actions steps! Writing a goal is not enough – even if it is a SMART goal – you must write down the actions you have to complete to get to the goals.
  2. You must allocate time in your diary to work on the goals. Writing goals and actions steps is not enough.  You must allocate time in your diary to actually do stuff!

Almost anything is possible with a plan and allocating time to achieve it.

#ThinkAndDoDifferent with Active Management in 2020.