Shout Outs From Last Week

  1. Thanks to Ryan from Les Mills for the chin wag last week. It was great hearing about the progress of Les Mills in the virtual space and the energy that they are bringing in the APAC region to grow doing Les Mills classes more accessible to more members in gyms!
  2. Thanks to Chris & Linda for your patience in our coaching session last week! I was very grateful. A huge congrats to the time and effort you made to prep for your team meeting.
  3. Great to chat with Mel, Tim, Haytham, Phil, Anna, Lachlan and John for our coaching chats last week. Your job is now to start implementing before our next chat!  For one coaching session with me and one free, click here.
  4. To Sally Illingworth who will be speaking at the Fitness Industry Tech Summit on August 27th. Her topic: How To Achieve Affordable Loyalty And Engagement With Technology will give delegates 3 takeaways:
    1. How to stand out in the News Feed Age
    2. How to build loyalty on social media
    3. How to create localised engagement online and offline
    4. Register now for #FITS20 and secure the early bird rate. Click here.
  5. Lawrence and Maddie from Love Recruitment! As they launch into the Aussie market, I learned so much about how the employer and employee markets see recruitment in Australia!  WOW!  Check them out here.

Are You Coming: Fitness Business Podcast Meetup

If you are at IHRSA this year, then a must attend activity is the Fitness Business Podcast Meet up on Thursday 19th March! It’s free, fun and an opportunity to connect with people all over the world.   Click here to RSVP.

Active Management Community

We had 50 new members!

This week:

  • Marisa Hoff continued to answer questions and share some amazing very cool ideas!
  • Community member Amanda dropped a grenade and the feed has exploded as she said: “If I had a $1 for everyone on LinkedIn telling me they can scale my business to a 6 figure income, I’d have an 8 figure income! So annoying!” What followed as a really interesting discussion on this scourge in our industry!
  • And Chris Stevenson share the most unbelievable image of an out order piece of equipment! You have to see it to believe it!

Our Facebook community is for people just like you helping, sharing and growing so we can together lower the health care costs across the globe!  Join the community here.

This Week

I am planning the agenda for the Industry Leaders Roundtable meetings I have:

  • Club Owners next week; and
  • NZ business owners in 2 weeks.

We are following up from the NSW Roundtable on 2020 goals!

And I have 2 calls with members of the US REX Roundtables I am now running!

If you want to know about the Australian, New Zealand or US Roundtables that I run, drop me a message now and we’ll organise a time to chat!  Just click here!

Final Thought

Team meetings are the best and the worst thing for your business.  If you are:

  • Well planned;
  • Have a structured agenda;
  • Allow input from team members;
  • Start and finish on time;
  • Only have people who need to be at the meeting, at the meeting and
  • Feed those attending.

Then your meeting will beneficial and awesome tool to communicate and build a team.

Miss any of these points and it could be the worst thing for your business.

Plan your team meetings and the business and team members will benefit!

#ThinkAndDoDifferent with Active Management in 2020.