A shout out

Gaye, Tristan and Kirsty who have all got started with a coaching program.  In 2020, I have launched a new program with face to face and phone coaching sessions.  These 3 have jumped into the new packages fast – I only just launched them! So thanks and I’m looking forward to working with you!

If you’re interested in face to face coaching, phone coaching or a mix of both – Click here to email me.

Giveaway time

This week we released on The Fitness Business Podcast an amazing ebook after an incredible interview with Mark Miller from Merritt Clubs in the US.  Mark takes you through the steps to develop leaders in your business in an amazing Intensive Interview sponsored by ABC FinancialYou can listen to Show 266 or download the ebook here!

On the show notes page you can grab the link to Mark’s ebook by clicking on ‘Access Mark’s ebook now.’  It’s free! It’s awesome! And it will have impact! Grab it now!

Thanks Mark for your insights and ABC Financial for sponsoring the incredible Intensive Series throughout 2019.

Bargain Hunters

Next week we will be releasing tickets to the 2020 Fitness Industry Tech Summit.  There will be a window of 14 days where you can purchase your ticket for the cheapest price ever!

If you attended last year, keep your eyes peeled on an email coming your way!

If you didn’t attend, pre-register now with no money down by going to https://fitnessindustrytechsummit.com.au

NSW Personal Trainers

You can join the NSW Personal Trainers Roundtable now! We have 6 vacancies to join and the next meeting is in Cronulla this Friday 6th December! Click here to email me and we’ll have a chat.

The Industry Leaders Roundtable is the longest running business coaching program in Australia . . . 6 vacancies for NSW PTs, so let’s chat. Click here to chat.

Active Management Community

Last week we had our Book Club.  Community members shared books and podcasts they are listening to.  We had several book recommendations.

Every week there are resources and assets to help you lead your business.  There are no sales pitches.  People just like you helping, sharing and growing so we can together lower the health care costs across the globe!  Join the community here.

The AM Pitch

We are excited to announce that for Aussie gym owners we have a huge opportunity for mystery shopping for you! We have a new account manager, Lisa, who will work with you if you are based in Victoria.  For the rest of the country, Stacey will be your account manager.  A personalised approach to building your mystery shopper program which will allow you to truly evaluate your sales processes. Find out more here.

Final Thought

20% of your members or clients will pay 30-40% than what they are currently paying if you have a premium product.  If you do not have a premium product then you are losing money! You can increase the yield from your members or clients by developing a premium product.  Get to work and build your super dooper package!