Shout Outs From Last Week

  1. Ian Thompson from Internet Fitpro who interviewed me for his podcast last week. It will go live next month, so keep an eye out as we chewed the thin on marketing.
  2. Lindsay Vastola from Personal Fitness Professional Magazine who asked me to be featured in an upcoming edition of their magazine.
  3. Great to chat with Chloe from Facebook, Paul from Anytime Fitness, Chantal and Constantine from 20Perfit. I’m super excited to work with you in the future and what we chewed the thin over will help your companies and Active Management.
  4. Congrats to Daves x 2, Emmett, Mikes x 2, Ronny, Gracie, Spencer, Rod, Rachel, Jonathan, Nick and all the MyZone Team for your recent recognition as being the best running app on Shortlist. I love mine and seems others do too! Congrats. Check out MyZone here.

Tell Us

We are looking for content from members of the #FBPFamily and want to hear your top 3 shows from 2019!  Tell us by going to this link

Active Management Community

Last week was Group Think where the question: “My sales person is not performing. How long should I keep them?” was posed to the group and what an unbelievable response! Members of the community have shared profound insights on stats, performance standards and conversations to have with the team.

The community also answered a question from Jason Stokes on an app to help his business.

We are also taking expressions of interest in a regional and International Work Exchange Program.

Every week there are resources and assets to help you lead your business.  There are no sales pitches.  People just like you helping, sharing and growing so we can together lower the health care costs across the globe!  Join the community here.

The AM Pitch

Extra Early Bird tickets to the 2020 Fitness Industry Tech Summit are available for just 2 more days!  The window is closing in 2 days where you can purchase your ticket for the cheapest price ever: only 345 and the normal price will be 495.  Save 150 bucks now!

With no money down by going to and you’ll receive your Extra Early Bird exclusive invite.

Final Thought

Hire for attitude, train for skill.

In reality, we can train anybody to do any job. You cannot train attitude.

Your prospective employee either has the attitude you are looking for or not.  You want to see smiling, hear laughter and experience their empathy. None of this a staff training program will give you.

This means throw your traditional interview model out the window and start again! Start with a process where you will see the prospective employee as the real person.  You’ll either warm to their authenticity or identify they are not the right fit.

My advice hire somebody with an absolutely amazing personality and attitude and then train them for skill.

#ThinkAndDoDifferent with Active Management in 2020.