Shout Outs From Last Week

  1. Thanks to Colette from HIIT Factory for chewing the thin on your plans and how I can help with them! I really appreciated your time and look forward to working with you!
  2. Great to chat with Haytham, Tristan, Linda, Leigh and Phil for our coaching chats. Your job is now to start implementing before our next chat!  For one coaching session with me and one free, click here.
  3. After a few technical hitches it was great to have John-Paul run through the Zenbly software with me and congrats on what looks like a terrific package and one that will meet many needs for many gym owners!

Are You Coming: Fitness Business Podcast Meetup

If you are at IHRSA this year, then a must attend activity is the Fitness Business Podcast Meet up on Thursday 19th March! It’s free, fun and an opportunity to connect with people all over the world.   Click here to RSVP.

Quick Story

When I was a little tacker, I was the fastest runner in my street.  When I went to primary school depending on the distance I was the 3rd, 4th or 5th fastest.  And when I went to high school I dropped back to the 8th, 9th or 10th.  As competition increased I moved further back in the field.

Until I started to train harder, I looked for ways to improve my running style, strength, preparation and mindset.  As I worked on these I started to move back up the pack into the top 5.  I was never a winner but a consistent top 5 finisher – in fact more consistent than anyone else I raced.

The reason for the story is I’m wondering if you were like me as a little tacker – in the small pond a champion and in a larger pond far more challenged?  And did you look for ways to get ahead of your competition?

Business is the same – it is competitive! And if you want ways to get ahead of your competition then you need to attend the Fitness Industry Technology Summit in August in Sydney! Tickets are on sales now at an early bird investment.  Click here to see more.

The Power of Video

I am so darn excited as this week at the Club Owners Roundtable, I am sharing the latest data on video marketing in business and how to produce a video that will evoke an emotional response!

If you want to know about the Australian, New Zealand or US Roundtables that I run, drop me a message now and we’ll organise a time to chat!  Just click here!

Final Thought

I watched a new group fitness instructor teach one of her first ever classes today! I am sure she was nervous but as I watched from afar her choreography looked good, she looked on time and had a beaming smile.

So many would say from the workout experience it was 8 or 9 or 10 out of 10.

What we forget is the class experience starts way before the music begins playing!  Our instructors must be at class 5 to 10mins before the start of a class . . . meeting and greeting members and putting smiles on faces before the music plays!

Just remember the class starts 10-15 minutes before the music starts playing and finishes 10-15 minutes after the music stops playing!

#ThinkAndDoDifferent with Active Management in 2020.