A shout out . . .  to Paul, Nick, Jacqui, Alicia, and Jarrod for my Theragun.  I love it and I am learning more and more about to how to use it!  I can also see exactly how gyms and studios can make money from offering this as a service in their facilities.  After seeing members at Barrys Bootcamp last week using one, my mind has been racing and there is so much opportunity for fitness businesses to offer this as a new 2020 service!  Check out https://www.theragun.com.

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Active Management Community . . . In the last week the community have discussed job descriptions, KPI’s and retention data.  I have shared:

  • Photos from inside 4 gyms;
  • Three ideas that are under 50 bucks
  • And congratulated 2 of our community on amazing personal recognition for their efforts!

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Final Thought . . . If you haven’t planned your January promotion, now is the time!  Think what are the pain points for prospects in January and show them that you have the solution!