Where Has JT Been In September?

This past month I have not done much travel and been in the office – this means working on the business!

Three big wins this month were:

1. Our amazing Active Management Community in our closed Facebook Group hit 1000 members.  We opened up this community in March to fitness business owners, managers, suppliers and team members and have seen 10 X growth in 6 months! And it is a real community with people asking questions and having fellow community members now answering and sharing resources.  This month we also rolled out ‘The Pitch’ which allowed industry suppliers to post a pitch for business! This was in addition to our Book Club, a peak behind the curtain with photos from inside gyms, ideas under 50 bucks and so much more!  If you’re not in the community, click here. 

2. Confirmed Speaking Opportunities! This month it was confirmed that I will be speaking at: 

  • The Australian Anytime Fitness Conference – October 25th & 26th 
  • IHRSA 2020 – March 18 – 21 in San Diego.  You can register now for IHRSA 2020 by clicking here.  When you use the code JT20 you will also save a few bucks! 
  • The JCC Association of North America – November 12th in Orlando
  • The Athletic Business Show  November 13th -16th in Orlando.  Book here. 

3. I had the opportunity to MC the launch of 20Perfit in Australia.  This exciting new franchise will open up the market to new exercisers.  It is super exciting and you can find out more by clicking here.

September was a big month personally.  I turned 50; Zoe won her netball Grand Final and I coach the team; I was awarded Coach of the Year for our netball club; and I have started running again.  I am not 100% sure what marathon I will run in 2020 but that’s my goal!  

And with little travel this month I only went to one new gym: The Run Club in Melbourne.  This was quite a unique treadmill class!  Similar to Mile High Run Club in New York, you do different run intervals to make the class with some strength at the end.  If you’re in Melbourne check it out –www.therunclub.com.au

Finally, it was awesome to catch up with Dave from Fitness One in Brighton.  I haven’t seen Dave for probably close to 10 years and the growth his business has had is phenomenal! It was great to see what he has achieved.   

More exciting for me was that he had identified a roadblock in the business and reached out.  Many owners either don’t see the roadblock and just keeping bashing their head against the same challenge or simply don’t ask for help. 

In just a 90 minute chat, Dave left with some ideas, thoughts and ways to see things.  And most importantly a few solutions to his roadblock.

Final Thought 

With September now closed for 2019, you are left with just over 90 days until the end of the year.  This means you should be 75% closer to your annual goal or have your head down and bum up to hit your 2019 targets.  Which one is it?

If you would like to chat about hitting your 2019 goals, then drop me an email and we can organise a time – email me now.