You can grab a coffee with JT

Coffee with JT

I’ll be in Melbourne twice in the next 2 weeks and you can catch up with me while I am down.

I’ll shout you coffee and you bring your business challenges!

You can come by yourself, you can bring someone with you or even your team!  You’ve got me for an hour to help!

Thursday 14th June – Novotel Glen Waverley

  • 3:15pm or
  • 4:30pm

Thursday 28th June – Camberwell

  • 2pm
  • 3:15pm
  • 4:30pm

To book your time, go to this link: Coffee With JT

Here is what Luke from Aquamotion said after his catch up with me in Perth: “Fantastic opportunity to discuss business with someone who truly understands the Fitness industry and the challenges the fitness industry entails.  Justin is a true industry professional who can offer solutions and insight into your business to help you as a business leader/manager think and do differently. I found my coffee and catch up with JT to be inspirational, motivational and reassuring.”

Book your time now by clicking here

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