The American author, Neal Donald Walsch said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” And I would follow on with, “Sometimes you need support at this point.”

G’day I am Justin, not that I am called that these days. Most people refer to me as JT (although I cannot dance anything like the real JT!).

I am that annoying ‘pebble in your shoe’ guy who will just keep annoying you with a challenge until you do something! I know that to create change in your business and life, you have to be challenged (probably why you are even on our website) then discover a few solutions (probably why you are checking out multiple fitness business coaches & consultants) until finally settling on the best solution (why you will click on ‘Contact me’).

And if you don’t find a solution to that challenge, you’ll keep doing the same thing and getting the same result, defined as insanity by Einstein.

So I drive my team to present multiple business solutions for you.

I am a solopreneur who has not worked for somebody since 1993! I ran a personal training business for 173 and a half days; was a membership consultant and club manager for the industry guru Jamie Hayes; a club owner for 15 years and industry coach and speaker since 2012.

Thanks to my time in student politics and then representing industry issues in the various peak bodies in Australia, I have learned the skill of diplomacy and being politically correct – NOT!

I speak with passion, candor and with no agenda other than making your business better. I hope you like honesty as I call it the way I see it.

Actually I do have an agenda: get people healthier through activity so we can reduce the world’s health care costs! If we do that then the world can spend their money on resources that will make it a better place for my daughter Zoe and one day her grand children.

And I reckon if I can help you get more members and keep them longer, then I am helping you achieve your goals too.

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Stacey Hurley – Mystery Shopper Captain

StaceyHi my name is Stacey and I am living a great life on south coast with my 3 kids and prison officer husband – so stay on my good side – and if you think working with you as a Mystery Shopper client will be hard, think again. I have worked with Justin since 2002 – just kidding boss!

Seriously, when you get to know me, you’ll realise I am the best person to help you with your Mystery Shopper program:

I followed the sales scripts and was one of the most successful and longest serving Team members at Active.

  • I know what should be said, when it should be said and why it should be said.
  • I can identify what areas need training and be as specific as you want.
  • I have 3 young kids, which makes managing my national team of mystery shoppers a walk in the park in comparison!

In 2002, I begged Justin for a membership sales job after realising I am destined to do more than just teach aerobics. I am sure he only gave me an opportunity because he was desperate for a membership consultant! And he said “Just follow the scripts I teach you and I guarantee you will be successful!”

“What a tosser!” did run through my head, so I figured stay here and learn. Damn you Justin, you were right, those scripts and the system work.

I was so good at my job, I was promoted to run Active Health Club where I chose the people I wanted on my Team, the uniforms I wanted them in and even the hours I wanted to work – Justin still chose what to pay me! Damn you again Justin!

I have to admit, I was pretty happy! Even after having a baby I travelled over an hour to and from work. Until Justin sold the club – an end of era and an end to my autonomy.

Now, I have my home office and manage over 200 mystery calls a month with 20+ shoppers with a goal to ensure everyone who calls or visits your fitness business will get the answers they need to make a decision to start an exercise program.

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Chantal Brodrick – Compere of The Fitness Business Podcast

Hi I am Chantal and for years I have cracked the whip with my personal training clients, now I crack the whip with my personal training business owner clients!

I survived the turmoil of launching a business in 2008 and am still working as a personal trainer – is that some sort of record?

I understand all the challenges of personal trainers:

  • Paying rent to a club – been there done that!
  • Finding clients to join my boot camps – been there done that!
  • Designing marketing pieces that work – been there done that!
  • Maintaining financials – been there done that!
  • And ‘those’ conversations with partners about working too early, staying too late & not earning enough – do that regularly!

You don’t really want to know my pre-fitness career – boring – suffice to say ‘corporate!’ I worked in high heels and regular hours for over a decade in various roles including National Sales Manager at Pacific Publications and Marketing Communications Manager at Adstream. This gave me a foundation of professionalism – a key attribute many trainers miss!

Now, I teach classes (lots of them), have a few boot camps, train clients and lots of PTBizCoach work! I have re-written the Australian Fitness Network e-course for Certificate IV in PT; compared our podcasts and webinars; and do hands on training with individual trainers and company trainers.

So give me a buzz or click on the button and lets get your PT business profitable.

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Alicia Boulton – Organising Captain

If you want Active Management to do anything for you, forget JT, Stacey or Chantal. I am the one that makes things happen . . .

Hi I am Alicia and after 20+ years in office management, I thought I had seen it all! Then I started working with Active Management in 2010 and these guys keep innovating, designing and stretching my skill set – all in a good way!

As a client, you just need to know that what we promise we deliver or I get my butt kicked! I ensure that everything is delivered on time and in a manner you can use with minimal issues – I never say no issues, as I don’t want to over promise.

I work from home so it took me 3 years of working with JT before I even met him! I spend lots of time emailing and skyping the Active Team and managing the online marketing and websites for Active Management, The Fitness Business Podcast and Justin Tamsett.com.

I have built my dream house with my husband and 2 kids in Kinchela, NSW on the mid north coast. I have the perfect balance of work & life – so long as these guys don’t keep on coming up with new things for me to systemise!

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