G’day I am JT and a fitness industry 'lifer.' I started as a gym floor instructor in 1988 - who remembers the old fashioned gym instructor!?!

Just as an FYI, I have not worked for somebody since 1993! I ran a personal training business for 173 and a half days; was a membership consultant and club manager for Australian industry guru Jamie Hayes; a club owner for 15 years and industry coach and speaker since 2008.

I actually sold my clubs in 2008 and then became a full time business coach in our amazing industry. This means I:

  • Speak at live and virtual events all over the world;
  • Work 1 to 1 with business owners of various sized business;
  • Lead REX Roundtables in Australia and the US; and
  • Lead staff training programs.

As a coach, I am that annoying ‘pebble in your shoe’ guy who will just keep annoying you until you do something! I know that to create a different result in your business and life, then you have to do something different. This may be education, support or even a challenge (probably why you are even on our website). Together we'll discover a few solutions until finally settling on the best direction.

There are so many fitness business coaches on the Internet but there are very few who have the intellectual property that I have in my head. To my work and life experiences, you add my extensive network across the globe and working with me will be one of your best business decisions ever.

I speak with passion, candor and with no agenda other than making your business better. I hope you like honesty as I call it the way I see it.

Actually I do have an agenda: get people healthier through activity so we can reduce the world’s health care costs! If we do that then the world can spend their money on resources that will make it a better place for my daughter Zoe and one day her grandchildren.

And I reckon if I can help you get more members and keep them longer, then I am helping you achieve your goals too.

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Melissa Adams - Admin Coordinator

If you want Active Management to do anything for you, forget JT or Lisa, I am the one that makes things happen . . .

Hi, I'm Melissa and after 20+ years in admin and online business, I thought I had seen it all! Then I started working with Active Management and these guys keep innovating, designing and stretching my skill set – all in a good way!

As a client, you just need to know that what we promise we deliver or I get my butt kicked! I ensure that everything is delivered on time and in a manner you can use with minimal issues – I never say no issues, as I don’t want to over promise.

I work from home so would you believe that I haven't even met the team in person yet! I spend lots of time emailing and Zooming the Active Team and managing the online marketing and websites for Active Management, The Fitness Business Podcast and the Fitness Industry Technology Summit.

I live in beautiful Tasmania with my husband and 3 kids. I have the perfect balance of work & life – so long as these guys don’t keep on coming up with new things for me to systemise!

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