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From Our GCM Friends: 7 Ways To Make IGTV Work For Your Business

By Gym Click Media | August 15, 2018

You might still be patting yourself on the back for having finally mastered Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, only to be faced with something new called “IGTV”. What the…?!

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JT Is Proud To Be Speaking At AB Show 2018

By JT | August 14, 2018

AB Show brings in world-class speakers who offer a diverse scope of knowledge and expertise, ready to share their solutions to fit the unique challenges you face at your facilities and in your programs.

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#JTInTheRaw Show 108 | Do You Need To Go Into a Partnership?

By JT | August 13, 2018

This week I had several conversations about forming, maintaining & ending business partnerships … so #JTInTheRaw is all about partnerships!

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Learnings From Greg Justice On The Fitness Business Podcast

By Chantal Brodrick | August 13, 2018

Last week I spoke with Greg Justice about the 5 stages of building a legacy fitness business.

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fitness business blogs

The Ultimate Fitness Business Blogs From July 2018

By JT | August 10, 2018

Read our top 5 most visited fitness business blogs from last month.

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The 6 Step ‘Boutique Club within a Club’ Plan – Part 2

By JP Richard | August 10, 2018

Old thinking was that the success of any new programming was exclusively dependent on the fitness training modality. But for consumers (your members) it’s about the total package: the brand, the presentation and especially the systemized outcomes.

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Motionsoft Technology Summit

The Fitness Business Podcast Named Official Media Partner of the 5th Annual Motionsoft Technology Summit

By JT | August 9, 2018

The Fitness Business Podcast, along with its parent company Active Management today announced that The Fitness Business Podcast has been named the official media partner of the 5th annual Motionsoft Technology Summit.

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FR3 Minutes #4 | One Word That Will Scare Every Prospect

By JT | August 9, 2018

Earlier this year while munching on a red frog – my confectionery of choice – I felt something very unusual with the red frog.  And after over 35 years of eating red frogs, I consider myself an expert and this was not right. I knew instantly I had broken a tooth and visit to the dentist was required.

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August Giveaway

WIN: How To Remember People’s Names Training Video

By JT | August 8, 2018

This month you can win a copy of JT’s 6-week training program to help you remember members, clients and prospects names. This is a skill for life, not just for now!

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Video Content

From Our GCM Friends: The C.E.P.A Video Framework

By Gym Click Media | August 8, 2018

It’s widely understood that when it comes to the most effective and engaging content, video is king. The written word, while still powerful, becomes even more engaging and effective in eliciting action, when your communications strategy features high-quality visual-based content.

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By Leisl Klaebe | August 7, 2018

New experiences are enriching and gratifying and expanding. Embrace one today. Not tomorrow – do it now, today.

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#JTInTheRaw Show 107 | Your Brand Will Determine Your Business Success

By JT | August 6, 2018

If you’re not representing your brand appropriately you’re losing business! This week let me share what brand really means in your marketing mix. Watch #JTInTheRaw live or on replay & join the conversation & fun … let’s go ->

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Learnings From Mark Fisher On The Fitness Business Podcast

By Chantal Brodrick | August 6, 2018

Last week I spoke with Mark Fisher about super charging your productivity.

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The 6 Step ‘Boutique Club within a Club’ Plan – Part 1

By JP Richard | August 3, 2018

Creating that boutique experience in your full-service facility is a smart play for many big box facilities, however, dedicating space, time and money to this project may cost you way more than what you get out of it.

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FR3 Minutes #3 | The Mindset of Pricing Your Services in Your Fitness Business

By JT | August 2, 2018

Last weekend I did an amazing job of bluntening – is that even a word – my dad’s chainsaw blade. I took it the local dealer to get the blade sharpened.

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