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The Business of the Fitness Industry

November 2021

Gareth & JT discuss what the fitness industry could potentially look like post Covid 19, the hybrid fitness model, attracting new talent and heaps more!

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2022 New Trends and the Biggest Predictions in the Fitness Industry

November 2021

I joined community member Richard Toutounji from COM Marketing on their podcast 'Marketing Muscle Up Show.' We chatted on the rising trends and predictions in the fitness industry as we are about to welcome 2022 based on what's happening in the European and American markets.

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Why Your Fitness Business Needs a Helicopter

November 2020

Jumping in a helicopter (metaphorically, of course!) allows you to view your business from different heights so you can laser focus at times and at others see the bigger picture. Rachel Brenke chats with Justin Tamsett about why entrepreneurs need to allocate time each week to work on their businesses versus working in their businesses.

Aerial View of the Fitness Industry with Justin Tamsett & Jack Thomas

October 2020

Jack Thomas talks to Justin Tamsett about member pricing and structures, where the industry is heading and some hard conversations you need to have with yourself to get through the next 6-12 months.

Fitness Industry Collaboration with Justin Tamsett (Part 2)

October 2020

In part 2 of our interview the JTs talk about the importance of collaboration in our industry, especially during tough times.

Fitness Industry Conversations with Justin Tamsett (Part 1)

Sept 2020

Jack talks to Justin Tamsett - the man behind the Fitness Business Podcast, Active Management consultancy (and lively Facebook community). The two JTs talk about his journey and all things fitness business.

Do You Work Harder on Yourself or Your Business?

March 2020

Your mindset, level of discipline and leadership can play a direct role in the success or failure of your business. These are things you need to pay attention to and improve. Justin Tamsett shares 7 Strategies that can help you improve these areas. He’s learned these in his 31 years in the Fitness Industry and he shares them with us on this episode.

Improving Members Experiences To Increase Retention Results & Profit for Small Gyms – Justin Tamsett

January 2020

On this episode of the ‘Fitness Business Authority Podcast’, Justin Tamsett, owner of ‘Fitness Business Podcast’, reveals how gym & boutique studio owners can retain clients and ultimately grow and scale their fitness business.

My worst investment ever

My Worst Investment Ever | Ep 183 | Justin Tamsett

January 2020

Take Care of Your Health First to Not Lose Your Business

Coaching Ignited

#CoachingIgnited Ep 60 | Justin Tamsett

October 2019

JT gets super tactical about how to get your message heard and use Facebook Lives to generate leads and attract new clients.

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Bootcamp Blueprint -Fitness Trends around the world - Justin Tamsett Show #73

May 2019

JT speaks with Jono from Bootcamp Blueprint on what's happening around the world in regard to sales and personal training trends.

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Justin "JT" Tamsett, Fitness Business Coach and Speaker, Active Management - PP61

April 2019

JT shares his life story and the lessons he has learned along the way around marketing and making sales.

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Episode 14: Brett Interviews Industry Expert Justin Tamsett (Trends)

In this episode of the Fiit Professional Podcast Brett & Justin discuss the following:

  • Where is the fitness industry heading and how this will effect every Personal Trainer and how you can take ADVANTAGE of these trends
  • The concept of NEWISM and how this applies to your Fitness Business
  • Virgin consumers (no this has nothing to do with Richard Branson
  • A logical way on how to decide whether or not the Health & Fitness Industry is for YOU or not.
The Fitness Retention Podcast

Episode 37 - Justin "JT" Tamsett

Where industry leaders chat about how to keep members, employees, and clients happy and paying.


074 Justin Tamsett: Modernizing The Fitness Industry

  • JT shares his thoughts on the purpose social media and digital marketing in the fitness industry, specifically as it pertains to broadcast versus engagement.
  • JT goes into detail about what “active aging” means to him, and how some diseases can be addressed head-on through exercise.
  • Bryan and JT discuss the new methods and delivery behind a more holistic approach to wellness and self-betterment, including emerging technologies that make it possible in new and innovative ways.
  • JT shares a few bits of wisdom and other emerging trends in the industry that he thinks listeners should pay particular attention to, especially in his native Australia.
COM Marketing

How To Cut Your Marketing Budget in 2018 | Industry Change Episode 11 with Justin Tamsett

So, how do you turn around sleeping dogs and get people to actually come into the gym? It’s down to a couple of things that JT chats to Richard about.

The Fitness Industry Podcast

The business of fitness in 2017 engagement, tech and the power of niche, with Justin Tamsett

Fitness business and marketing leader Justin Tamsett talks people power and technology, the US versus Aussie fitness market, and why the niche shall inherit the earth, with Network’s Oliver Kitchingman.