Coffee with JT

I'm going to be in your area . . .  join me for a coffee!

For one hour I am all your's! You can come alone, bring a friend or bring your whole team! You've got me for an hour to help you think and do different!

You can bring up to 3 business challenges you’d like to discuss and we’ll work through strategies or operations. You can bring your team and we can talk about one or two issues to have them motivated and inspired to drive the business.

It is just 375 for the hour session - save 10% if you are an Active Management Member. And of course, I’ll shout you the coffee and cake.

It is super easy to grab a coffee with me, just click on Book Your Coffee with JT Here, pick the time you want to catch up, process your investment and then you are in!  I’ll come back to you with the session logistics – including the prep we need to do and which time slot you would like!

Sydney: Thursday 20th September @The Loft Cafe, Macquarie Centre

  • 10:45am - BOOKED!
  • 12:00pm - BOOKED!
  • 1:15pm - BOOKED!
  • 2:30pm - BOOKED!


It is a fantastic opportunity to discuss business with someone who truly understands the Fitness industry and the challenges the fitness industry entails.

Justin is a true industry professional who can offer solutions and insight into your business to help you as a business leader/manager think and do differently.

I found my coffee and catch up with JT to be inspirational, motivational and reassuring.


Wanneroo Aquamotion

No matter how long I chat to JT or see his videos on social media I always walk away with an idea/discussion point or something that I need to implement in my business.


Anytime FItness

JT is amazing! A person with leading industry knowledge and a genuine passion to push fitness industry personnel to reach their full potential in their line of work.

He creates thought and then draws on your ideas to build on your own strengths and makes you aware of how you can work on your weaknesses in such a positive way to create development and awareness within yourself.

I took so much out of our meeting with JT, super casual, super easy to chat to and super awesome. Thank you JT!


Anytime Fitness