Let's Get The Creative Juices Flowing To Solve Your Challenges In The Time It Takes To Drink A Coffee!

You've got me for 30 minutes to help you think and do different in regard to a challenge, idea or strategy in your fitness business. Chat with me about:

  • Present a specific challenge and look for a solution;
  • Future pricing or strategies to change your prices;
  • Developing leaders in your business;
  • Seek my advice on opportunities;
  • Bounce your latest marketing strategy off;
  • Inclusions in your new facility design;
  • Scaling your business; or
  • Just chew the thin over your next career move!

You can come alone, bring a team mate or bring your whole team!

We only have 30 minutes, so bring no more than 2 challenges you want solved – we want to really find a solution for you.

Coffee with me is only AUD199! We'll Zoom with each other or if I'm in your neighbourhood then I’ll shout you the coffee and cake as I will come to your facility for real!

It is super easy to grab a coffee with me, just click on Book Your Coffee with JT Here, process your payment and then you are in! I’ll come back to you with the session logistics – including the prep we need to do!