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We have launched an exciting new service called ‘Post My Job‘! It is your opportunity to advertise positions vacant on our blog.

And why would you?

Quite simply, it is our reach . With over:

  • 5000+ who subscribe to our enews and with a 30% open rate, there will be messages pushing people to the Positions Vacant blogs;
  • 9300+ LinkedIn contacts who will see the blog post in the status update;
  • 4000+ Twitter followers who will see your job
  • And Active Management Facebook page with 3100+ fans

Your advertising package includes:

  • A blog under the easy to find tab ‘Positions Vacant’
  • A blog post with the title Position Vacant for a [insert job] at [club or studio name]
  • You can then write as much or as little about the job role as you like.
  • We will include your branding and details including a link to your website (which helps for SEO with Google).
  • Your blog will go to our weekly blog subscribers which is over 600.
  • Your blog will be pushed across our social platforms every week for 4 weeks, with the first week being a ‘Promoted Post’ to the value of $10.

The process is REALLY simple.

  1. Purchase your ‘Post My Job’ package here
  2. Complete our online form with all your job vacancy details

And that’s it! Your post will be live on our website in the next 24-48 hours!

Your investment is 220 or if you’re a member it’s free!

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