Express Mystery Shopper Program

We understand that you may not be sure of the value of mystery shopping based on the quality of reports you receive. You may have never done it before, so how do you determine if it will help you?

We want to give you this super dooper opportunity to try Mystery Shopping! An express package to give you an overview of your sales process, to see the quality of the reports and experience the professionalism first hand of our Mystery Shopper Captain, Stacey!

Your Express Mystery Shopper Program includes:

  • 30 minute consultation with Stacey to tailor the enquiries for you to gain maximum benefit;
  • 6 mystery calls at times you would like or random;
  • 1 web enquiry form;
  • 1 walk in visit;
  • Written reports emailed to you summarising each sales touch point with your business;
  • Plus a 5% saving on any ongoing mystery shopper programs you invest in.

Cost: $499 incl GST


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