REX Roundtables for the Fitness Industry

Do You Lead A Team?
Do You Want Best Marketing Practices?
Do You Wonder If Your Sales Conversions Are Good?
Would You Like Strategies To Keep Your Members Longer?
And Are You Looking For Support In 2024 As You’ve Never Had Before?

Whether you run a gym, studio, health club, or are a fitness industry supplier or vendor, as the leader of the business it has been lonely making decisions in your own vacuum in 2023, and this can change in 2024 by joining REX Roundtables.

You can join a REX Roundtable with me, where you receive peer to peer support from non-competitors to enhance all aspects of your business with best practices; leadership to ensure staff retention and improve your quality of life to make 2024 different to any year before!

Why REX Is So Powerful

The 7 key tenants of REX’s success are:

  1. There is more to life than just business
  2. Agendas put together by the members
  3. Open, honest and challenging conversations to get better
  4. Face to face meetings to build trust and connection
  5. Visits to fellow member's clubs and businesses
  6. No competitors
  7. Face to face meetings to study each other’s businesses

Since the launch of REX Roundtables, we have learned just how much our industry have felt lonely and battled for success in silence.  Bringing together the owners and managers, was hearing a collective sigh of relief and seeing peers support each other with the common goal of getting better.

Best practices on marketing is an often discussed topic, as is team leadership.  The really interesting discussions occur around sales pipelines, back office efficiencies, and maximising return on investment.

Why Face To Face & Not Zoom?

At REX we know there is so much power to being face to face to each other.  Each REX has their own meeting cadence and length and when we get face to face the discussions during the meeting, over meals and even while we workout add so much value to your REX experience.

Zoom has not been forgotten. Some REX groups have met on Zoom every 2 weeks since March 2020 and continue while others do not have Zoom calls.  Each REX have their own Zoom meeting cadence as well.

One unique aspect of REX is the bonding of actually being with each other and that cannot be beaten by any digital alternative.

Is A REX Roundtable For You?

To be honest, we cannot see why it wouldn’t be!

If you’re in the US contact Eddie Tock – - for an application form.

If you’re in Australia, contact Justin Tamsett – - for an application form.

Would You Just Like To Chat First?

No problems at all.

US Suppliers - Contact Eddie on 914 643 3207

Australian Suppliers – Make a time to chat with Justin, click here to book a time that suits you.

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