Why You Need JT As Your Business Coach

There are 9 simple reasons why you would work with JT.

When you work with JT you will:

See the forest from the trees by him taking you on a helicopter ride every session to look down on your business and give you a new perspective.

Be the best business leader, marketing manager, sales director, human resource guru and all-round business gun!

Have the hard questions asked to you and then receive open, honest feedback on your performance.

Focus on strategies and not get bogged down in the day to day operations of the business.  We’ll work on the big picture.

Have a confidant, business mentor, and best friend – I will help you from my heart.

Be more efficient - achieving more in less time thanks to JT’s accountability.

Enjoy the benefits of JT’s 30+ years of fitness business experience.

Be listened to and not judged.

Focus on planning for long term stability and profitability.

No matter how long I chat to JT or see his videos on social media, I always walk away with an idea/discussion point or something that I need to implement in my business.

- Fiona, Anytime Fitness -

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Justin is a true industry professional who can offer solutions and insight into your business to help you as a business leader/manager think and do differently.

- Luke, Wanneroo Aquamotion - 

You Can Tap Into One Of The Industry's Smartest Minds & Creative Thinkers

Since starting in the fitness industry in 1988, JT has been a personal trainer, salesperson, club manager, club owner, multiple club owner and facilitator of the Industry Leaders Roundtable. He has first-hand experience in every aspect of the industry.

As a full time business coach since 2007, JT has worked with:

  • Independent gyms owners from across the globe who wanted to improve the efficiency of their business;
  • Franchise business owners who just wanted that extra support;
  • Mentored club and department managers from private, franchise and council clubs who have taken it upon themselves to upskill their leadership and strategic thinking;
  • PT Business owners who wanted the business to work for them and not them for the business.

You have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s most outstanding thought leaders in the fitness industry to improve your business and your life.

Some Of The Clients JT Has Worked With