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You can grab a coffee with JT

Coffee with JT

I’ll be in Melbourne twice in the next 2 weeks and you can catch up with me while I am down. I’ll shout you coffee and you bring your business challenges!

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Make Facebook & Instagram Easier & Still Engaging

Making small changes to what and how you post can help your Facebook and Instagram updates generate clicks, likes, and comments.  And the more of these engagements you receive the more exposure your posts will get – on either platform.

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Avoiding Sham Contracting In The Fitness Industry – Part 1

Avoiding Sham Contracting In The Fitness Industry

Whether a personal trainer is an employee or contractor is a balancing act that all gym owners and managers should keep in mind. Recent cases and media attention have put this distinction in the spotlight, and it is clear that burying your head in the sand is a dangerous approach to take.

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