Industry Membership That Delivers Real Benefits

70+ unique advantages for all members now in one place

To kick off 2024, AUSactive has launched a membership advantages platform where members can easily  access more than 70 unique benefits that directly support their career or their business.

From a student member starting fresh in fitness right through to experienced business owners, the new  Advantages platform delivers practical benefits for everyone.

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish, said the new platform was about providing a clear one-stop-shop of the full  range of benefits on offer to all AUSactive members.

“Imagine having a clear, easy-to-use platform where you can find and access all membership benefits.  That’s exactly what we offer with our Advantages platform. No more confusion or hunting for membership  benefits – everything you need is in one place,” Mr Elvish said.

“We offer our members a huge range of benefits and we know in the past this has been overwhelming to  navigate. The new Advantages platform breaks down our benefits into four categories so that members can  easily see what’s most relevant to them.” 

The four Advantages categories include:

  • Student Advantages: Get access to valuable resources, industry insights, and opportunities for  professional growth. We’re here to support your journey.
  • Business Member Advantages: If you run a business, you’ll enjoy practical tools and services to  help you thrive. This includes access to Lawpath, with over 300 legal and HR templates to simplify  your operations.
  • Exercise Professional Advantages: As an exercise professional, you’ll find Advantages tailored to  boost your career, from networking opportunities to advanced training resources.
  • Sole Trader Advantages: Sole traders enjoy the advantage of complete control over their business  operations and finances, along with access to resources designed to support their unique needs.

Mr Elvish said AUSactive was focused on continuously improving membership value to ensure benefits  remained relevant and practical for everyone in the industry.

“AUSactive continues to grow as an industry association and part of that growth is making sure we evolve  with our members and their needs,” Mr Elvish said.

“Our Advantages platform is about organising all member benefits in one place to ensure all individual and  business members can quickly access those that support their success and help them strive for excellence.” 

To access the new Advantages portal head to