REX Roundtables has a commitment to educate the industry so that the entire industry grows and prospers.  In 2021, they are bringing education right to your desk with an unbelievable range of webinars across the globe.

Australian Fitness Business Breakfast Webinar Series - these webinars are complementary to everyone!  They are on the third Friday of the month at 8:45am (Sydney time). Just click on the link to register for a live webinar or to gain a link to the recording of a previous webinar.

US Webinar Series - these are complimentary to any REX Roundtable in the world.  Your REX Chair will give you your unique code to register.  For non-REX members there is a small fee of just USD30.  Just follow the link to join a live webinar or receive the recording.

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Know Your Prospects' Online Behaviour

With the advent of streaming, podcasts, and smart speakers, the world of audio is more vibrant and accessible than ever. This session will walk through data from several studies conducted in Australia that will help you understand who is using different forms of audio and how you can leverage these options to help your communications.

Keeping the Financial Side of Your Business Fit, with Matt Spears

Are you planning a new build, extension or buying a property? What exactly do banks want to see? And how does COVID impact my ability to borrow?'

In this webinar, we chat with Matt from Evoke Capital about this topic, and more.

Developing a Content Strategy That Works, with Luigi Prestienzi

During this session you will learn how to turn marketing qualified enquiries from your digital campaigns into paying members. This session will provide you with a framework to connect with more inbound enquiries, have deeper conversations that get to the intrinsic motivator of why people buy and flip the focus of the conversation from price. This session will help you increase your overall sales conversions and reduce your cost to acquire new members.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Ad Campaigns, with Ilana Wechsler

In the world of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, change is the only constant. In this webinar, Ilana discusses how to get the most out of your online advertising campaigns, so you can be sure to spend your marketing dollars in the best possible way.  In addition, she also covers what’s working right now in 2021, so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Power to the People, with Trent Thomas

Many people will underestimate the power that employees have on their business.

As we move into an unchartered time for business with greater technologies emerging and trends surround the future of work, the power balance is shifting further towards employees and away from the traditional employer.

Tips for Financial Success, with  Greg Will

Are you getting the financials right when running your club?

Greg will discuss what numbers and KPI's are important, how to maximise your businesses value and how to increase the impact you have on your business.

Building your Million Dollar Referral System, with Michael Griffiths

Frustrated with not enough warm leads and referrals?
Frustrated with spending money on paid ads that aren't working for you?
Frustrated with not being able to get more clients and grow your business?

The Million Dollar Referral System was created to help service providers to get more referrals and more clients with ease.

Learn how to use the 9 referral profit accelerators to generate 10-15 warm leads and referrals into your business each month.

How Persuasion Smart Are You?, with Michelle Bowden.  

As a fitness business professional there's nothing more important than persuasion. You use persuasion to bring in business, create functional relationships, ensure your clients get results, improve productivity and morale in your team and run your business profitably. Everything begins and ends with persuasion. So the question is...How Persuasion Smart are you?

Join Michelle Bowden (the co-creator of the Persuasion Smart Profile) and understand we are not all persuaded in the same way, yet most of us tend to try to persuade others in the way that we are persuaded - because that's what comes naturally for us. And often this leads to mixed success.