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Industry Leaders Roundtable

The Industry Leaders Roundtables have been operating in Australia since 1994 and have helped many businesses increase their profitability! The concept of a Roundtable is very simple: the same group of non-competing club owners or personal trainers meet regularly, build trust and delve into the successes and failures of business. You are utilising the power of a group to help hold you accountable and more importantly, tap in to their knowledge and experience.

[quote style=”1″]I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of successful people, however in my mind JT is definitely an Industry Futurist and leads the way in spotting trends. He has been a fantastic mentor and has really helped inspire and connect me.  [/quote]

Ben Ritchie, Former Independent Health Club Owner

Here are 5 FANTASTIC reasons to be part of The Industry Leaders Roundtable:


When you run a business, your role is support is to support and cheer on your Team. Your fellow Roundtable members are there to support, guide and help you. They are there to listen to your successes, learn from you and pump you up when you face challenges.


If you only compare your business to other fitness businesses, you only get as good as other fitness businesses. Justin’s responsibility is to bring valuable and relevant information to the table that will differentiate your business from the competitors. The status quo of how you do things will be challenged.


No competitors are allowed on the Roundtable. This means everyone can be open, honest and unguarded in what they say. This is a key tenant of Roundtable and imperative as build trust.


Every month key performance indicators are entered into an confidential database that allows you to compare your business performance with other businesses.

Anecdotal learning

Many members of the Roundtable say they get more learnings when sharing breakfast, lunch, dinner or a few drinks with other members during the meeting. This powerful benefit of Roundtable cannot be underestimated as it means you are always picking up tips, strategies, tools and hints to strengthen your business.

Anytime Fitness MCO Testimonial


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