Timetable Audits

Are you performing regular audits of your timetable?

  • Traffic light your Monthly occupancy scores (Green 70%+ Amber 36-69% Red 35% and under) 
  • Look for trends month  on month of repeated classes being in the red
  • Review these classes by doing class assessments
  • Talk to the members that attend these classes
  • Evaluate why these classes might be under performing  (Note sometimes it may be as simple as an off peak class) 

Is there something you could change?

  •  Instructor upskill
  •  Change of instructor
  •  Regular instructor in that class slot
  •  Type of class format 
  •  Change of time 
  •  Is the timetable too saturated for number of members 

Remember we want to get our average overall occupancy 70% an above, to do this we must pull up our average across the board 

In saying this – we must also make sure not to be reactive. Monitor classes of three month periods, try not to be too reactive the moment a class falls into the red. 

When making any changes to your timetable make sure to well inform your members and adhere to a set process. 

If a class is under performing its often a good idea to let your members know that this has happened and that the class might potentially be changed, this gives your members a chance to “vote with their feet” and get back into that class should they wish to keep it on/the same.

If you do go ahead and make changes:

  • Give your instructors at least two weeks notice of any changes
  • Communicate these changes with your members clearly across multiple channels

At Exercise to Experience we understand that starting to ‘mystery shop’ your own facility and classes may be challenging to initiate. We have created a step by step guide and class assessment template for you to follow in our Retention Handbook. Join our private Facebook community with online guides and easy to follow templates so you can start your own mystery shopping journey.