You Can Join The REX Community & Take Your Gym Business To The Next Level

Yeah, yeah I know . . . you hear this all the time! But at REX we don’t talk about the next level being just membership numbers, we focus on your entire business from operations to strategy to leadership going up to the next level.

Three Agendas At REX (That Most Business Coaches Don’t Understand)

Agenda 1 – Operations

This is where 95% of business coaching programs and conferences sit because it is easy to coach operations. The focus of agenda 1 is the work. At REX we use Slack, Facebook groups and Zoom calls to cover off operational best business practices. This expedites finding solutions, it also means when we get face to face we can focus on Agenda 2 and 3.

Agenda 2 – Strategy

Discussion here is on the organisation or business. It requires discipline to keep focussed on the mechanisms that bring people together with resources to accomplish the organisation’s purpose. This agenda includes plans, strategies, structure, delegation, staffing, systems for communication, coordination and control, resource allocation methods, rewards and recognition systems both formal and informal and finally the all-pervasive culture of the organisation. Way harder than agenda 1 discussion and a hiding from agenda topics simply means a weak foundation to operations.

Agenda 3 – You, the leaders

The third agenda addresses individual development and transformation. Individual development does not mean learning more about the first or second agenda topics. It means learning more about you and your relationship/impact on those you work with.


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Who Are REX Members?

REX members are owners and managers who want to focus on improving their agenda 2 and 3. They are simply people who want the business working for them and not them working for the business.

REX members want to learn and share experiences to ensure the entire Roundtables gets better. They know as there are no competitors in the room, the decisions they make will come from thoughtful and profound thinking and discussion between people that genuinely care about them. No other fitness business program on the planet has the REX family feeling.


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REX Roundtables Is About Family

When you read The Dysfunctions Of A Team by Patrick Lencioni you realise that trust is the primary function of any team. At REX we work on trust at every opportunity as this means, there is great candour and support in every REX group. When you’re asking for advice, direction, thoughts on an idea or just chatting your REX want the best for you and will challenge you, ask you questions you’ve never been asked before and support you for success. When you experience this, you’ll agree nothing in a blog, brochure or even a phone conversation can explain what this experience is like!

This REX bond is unique and wonderful.


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