Are you ready for tax time?

EOFY, EOFYS, Tax time – we’ve all heard the jingles that flood the airways this time of year! Yet, while we are still six weeks away from the 30 June deadline, now is a great time to get yourself prepared for tax time and the possible savings you can take advantage through your tax return. 

Those working within the exercise and active health industry can claim on a wide range of tools of the trade right through to continued learning and even the cost of AUSactive membership. 

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said it was vital for members to understand what they can claim as part of their work or career in exercise and fitness, with maximising any savings even more important in the current economic environment. 

“Remembering to claim the cost of AUSactive membership fees, or any other professional membership is the first step, but many people forget that this is a claimable expense,” Mr Elvish said. 

“The cost of ongoing professional development such as applicable CEC courses, industry journals, personal costs associated with attending conferences, uniforms and their cleaning costs and other relevant professional development throughout the year are also items which can be claimed on annual tax returns. 

“With many people looking for savings anywhere they can, it’s important to think smarter not harder about work-related expenses and what you can and can’t claim. Claiming eligible expenses in your tax return can help put cash back in your pocket, while still enabling you to access vital work-related services and products throughout the year. 

“Our advice for members is to create a list of things you think you can claim in this year’s tax return and then check with your authorised tax agent to ensure you are getting your return right.” 

In addition to claiming eligible expenses in this year’s tax return, locking in the price for AUSactive membership for up to two years is another great way to save money. All members can take advantage of current category pricing by renewing their one or two-year membership before 30 June. 

From 1 July, AUSactive membership fees will increase across all registration categories by around CPI on average. The updated fee structure is still below pre-Covid levels but includes new and improved services and great benefits like the Lawpath subscription to be delivered to our members. 

Mr Elvish said AUSactive memberships now provided more member benefits than ever before, thanks to new initiatives, partnerships and modality expansions. 

“AUSactive is continually looking for ways to improve member benefits and in recent months the launch of the Lawpath platform and ActiveXchange dashboard can help our members and their businesses work smarter,” Mr Elvish said. 

“Accessing over 300 tools at a touch of a button, such as legal or employee templates through Lawpath or community and geo data intelligence through ActiveXchange to help drive better business decisions are key to helping our industry grow and expand into the future. 

“In additional our continued growth into Yoga and Pilates and Aqua has seen us grow our dedicated and tailored offering for these professionals.” 

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