Recapping the Highlights of IHRSA 2023 with Allison Flatley

For the past three decades, Allison Flatley has been a driving force in advocating for health and wellness. From overseeing corporate-based programs to serving on the IHRSA Board of Directors as nominations chairperson or vice chairperson, she’s dedicated her career to making sure that physical activity remains an integral part of our lives.  She is also chair of REX Roundtables, designed specifically for business owners passionate about improving and achieving dramatically better results.

In addition to hosting international conventions focused on highlighting industry progressions, Allison is currently using her expertise from years in business growth and client engagement as founder of Allison Flatley Consulting. With degrees from Miami University under her belt – it’s safe to say we can be grateful for this passionate advocate who continues to strive to create lasting change within the fitness sphere!


Allison Flatley and Dori embark on a journey full of knowledge, fun, and leisure in this special episode, all about the amazing opportunities offered by IHRSA Conference ’23. Our insightful conversation promises to provide an abundance of useful information, plus keeping you laughing along the way – from education sessions to trade show details, and don’t forget those hot social gatherings! We’ll even prepare you for next year’s conference destination: Los Angeles!

  • Highlights of IHRSA 2023
  • Standout Education Sessions at IHRSA Conference.
  • Takeaways from the Women’s Summit and Keynote Speakers
  • Tips for New Attendees (Dress, Networking)
  • The power of words and the analogy of a high five.
  • Navigating the trade show floor
  •  Finding networking opportunities at parties and social events

Listen to the show by clicking here